Elevating Your Supply Chain with Value-Added Logistics

In the dynamic world of commerce, streamlining your supply chain is crucial for achieving operational excellence. At Globalink Solution Ltd, we recognize the importance of value-added logistics (VAL) in transforming your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive VAL services in the region empower businesses to enhance product quality, optimize inventory management, and boost customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise in Value-Added Logistics

Packaging and Assembly: We provide expert packaging and assembly services to ensure your products are securely protected and ready for market.

Labelling and Kitting: Our labelling and kitting services ensure your products are accurately labelled and assembled to meet your specific requirements.

Light Manufacturing: We offer light manufacturing services, such as product customization and minor assembly, to add value to your products and meet customer demands.

Quality Control: We conduct thorough quality control inspections to ensure your products meet your strict standards and customer expectations.

Major Services We Offer


Our Value Proposition

Globalink Solution Ltd is committed to providing our customers with the following value propositions:

Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency: Our customized value-added services streamline operations, reduce lead times, and optimize supply chain performance

Reduced Costs: Our solutions help customers minimize inventory costs, reduce labor expenses, and optimize transportation costs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Our value-added services enhance customer satisfaction by providing convenience, flexibility, and quality assurance.

Increased Flexibility: Our customized solutions adapt to changing business requirements and market trends, ensuring agility and responsiveness.

Sustainable Practices: We promote sustainability through waste reduction, resource conservation, and repair and refurbishment initiatives.

Our Commitment

Globalink Solution Ltd is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, innovation, and expertise in value-added logistics. We continuously strive to enhance our services, adopt new technologies, and stay ahead of industry trends to empower businesses in Somaliland and the Horn of Africa.